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Banana literature review

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Musa paradisiaca (banana) as source of fiber Banana is one of the most important fruit crop plants and belongs to the genus Musa. After harvesting the fruit, the plant is cut down and thrown away, mostly as waste. The banana plant is largely divided into three parts- pseudostem, peduncle and leaf. The. Pseudostems contain mostly water (92-95%) and very little protein (3-4.5% DM). Fibre content is high, in the 50-70% DM range for NDF and about 30-40% DM for ADF. There are significant differences in degradability and digestibility between banana leaves and pseudostems. Unlike other plants, the digestibility of stems is higher (75%) than that of. In this study, a thermodynamic model was developed on ASPEN Plus V8.8 to study the temperature sensitivity and yield of products from the pyrolysis of.

review of related literature I. Lakatan Bananas (Musa acuminata) Bananas, which are the 5th most important commodity in the world, as well as being one of the most important fruit crops, are known to be available worldwide and eaten for their various health benefits (Uma, 2008; Mishra, Srivastav & Sen, 2012). Literature Review. My topic for my experiment is banana preservation. I choose this topic because I wanted to see what temperature will keep it fresh the longest. My problem question is “What temperature will preserve the banana the best?”. My experiment will help people because they can put the bananas in the right place to keep it fresh. (DOC) CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE | ralph (DOC) CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE | ralph Related Literature Review: Lakatan Bananas (Musa Acuminata (PDF) Potential Use of Banana and Its By-products: A Review The Feasibility of Banana Peel as Alternative Floor Wax Review of Related Literature Different related literature were made by the different authors. In this chapter are the following related literature were collected. Review of Related Literature According to the African Journal of Food Science and Technology, banana peels can be alternative wine vinegar. bananas (Simmonds, 1962). 1.2 Importance of Banana Banana (Musa spp.) is one the world’s major food crops and widely grown in developing countries (Roux et al., 2001; Madhulatha et al., 2004). Banana is a staple food crop for millions of people, vital to food security and ranks in the world’s top four food products (Roux et al., 2001). available from the literature may not represent in the real strength of the single hemp fibers. This data is not being suitable for predicting the performance of the hemp fiber composite materials.

18) The comparison of the tensile strength reveals. Banana Peel: Pharmacological Activities: A Review Archana Thomas Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, St James College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chalakudy, Kerala K. Krishnakumar St James Hospital Trust Pharmaceutical Research Centre (DSIR Recognized), Chalakudy, Kerala I. INTRODUCTION Musa sapientum which is commonly called banana is an

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Banana literature review

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