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Go Green Remodeling Company Profile

Go Green Remodeling and Construction, LLC is a family owned company specializing in improvements and additions to existing homes, with a focus on preserving and enhancing its character. We listen to the homeowners needs and wants and work within their budget to get the best, most desirable, result possible. We are craftspeople who pride ourselves on detailed finish work, honest and clear communication, and respect for homeowners space and property.  We prepare thoroughly for each job and choose the most appropriate high-quality materials. 


For nearly a decade now Go Green Remodeling and Construction, LLC has worked on residential projects, with home ages ranging from just a few years old to over a hundred years old.  Some of which have been on the National Register of Historic places.


Our name, Go Green Remodeling and Construction, LLC, comes from our dedication to using healthy building materials. We believe that making the choice to use green materials can be as important as the finished product. Planning to reuse and minimize waste in the process is also a serious consideration with every one of our jobs. It is our mission to stay current on new sustainable building technologies, and we are happy to counsel you as you choose materials for your project.

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